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Private Ski Lessons – San Vigilio

The best teacher for you

I would like to learn... to ski and snowboard, or something different, like telemark skiing, or something classic like cross country skiing and snowshoeing, or actually maybe new school and free ride. Any winter sports you want to learn, our teachers are ready for you!

The Sporting Ski & Snowboard School organizes private lessons suited to your needs and skiing level. For beginners, private lessons are the most effective way to learn to ski in a short time.

We also offer private lessons to experienced skiers who want to improve their style and learn from our ski instructors, all of whom have many years of experience.

If you commit yourself to our ski instructors, you will learn in complete safety and discover the best slopes in South Tyrol

Skisporting San Vigilio
Skisporting San Vigilio
Skisporting San Vigilio
Skisporting San Vigilio

Price list private lessons


17.03.2019 - 21.04.2019


low season

1 hour private lesson

55 minuts

40,00 €